Members and Friends

Around one third of our members are active wildlife carers. The other two thirds are non-active members (Friends of Fauna Rescue) who are vital to the organisation providing financial assistance via membership fees, and sometimes other assistance.

Our organisation is always on the lookout for new carers as the demand for wildlife needing care is very high, especially during spring and summer.

Membership Fees

Membership type
There are two types of Membership:
“Animal Carer” for volunteers who want to care for wildlife
“Friend of Fauna Rescue” for members who wish to donate yearly by paying a membership fee or may wish to help out in non animal handling activities. i.e fundraising

Membership fees
Family* $45 | Single $35 | Student (16 years or over) $25 | Organisation $60
Family Concession * $35 | Single Concession $25
* includes all children under 16

Apply for Membership online

Complete the online Application form and make online secure payment through PayMate.
Membership can't be processed without payment.

Apply for Membership offline

Print Application form (PDF, 109 kb) or Renewal form (PDF, 109 kb) and forward with payment to Fauna Rescue of S.A. Inc, PO Box 241, Modbury North, SA 5092.

Direct Deposit:
Account Name: Fauna Rescue of S.A. Inc
BSB: 105126,
Account Number: 037184840

Payment can also be by cheque or money order (please do not send cash). You can also pay using our online secure payment through PayMate

Police clearance for on-call carers

If you are on call as a carer/rescuer who potentially has one-on-one contact with vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly or people with a disability a police clearance is now required. Having a police clearancel brings Fauna Rescue into line with current legislation.

Members do not have to pay for a police clearance and the process is treated in the strictest confidence. The clearance certificate is your property and only needs to be sighted by an authorised officer of Fauna Rescue. The only information that Fauna Rescue will keep will be the date on the certificate. Any police charges that are not relevant to animal care or working with vulnerable groups will not affect your membership status or be disclosed.

Training and Support

We do not expect you to have experience when you join us. Training is available through our monthly workshops or our ‘Buddy’ System. Our Species Co-ordinators are always available to provide help and advice when needed. Basic Care notes are also available on all species that come into care.

You will not be placed on call until your buddy/co-ordinator has given their approval that you are set up with appropriate facilities, have received some training or are working under the guidance of an experienced carer.

We hold monthly training workshops on different topics.

The venue has limited seating so you must book a place
Our meetings are open to both members and the public.
Feel free to come along before you join to meet us and find out more about Fauna Rescue of South Australia.

We have coordinators for each species of wildlife (kangaroo coordinator, bat coordinator, magpie coordinator, reptile coordinator, etc) who are there to give you advice and guide you through the care of the species you are looking after.

Animals will not be referred to new members until they have attended a New Members Workshop. However if you are unable to attend the Workshop we can buddy you up with your closest experienced member or coordinator.

There are free training notes available for members.

It is up to you what species you care for and how many. Some members specialise in one or two species and others care for all species. Some people work during the day so can't take care of babies but still look after the older injured animals/birds that only need one or two feeds a day.

Non-active Members

There are many different areas all members can provide help, such as talks, displays and fundraising.

Non-active members will receive our newsletter which comes out every 2 months and you can attend our training workshops. Your yearly membership fee is vital to maintaining the care we can give to wildlife in need.

Consitution and Bylaws

Read our Constitution and Bylaws. (PDF, 50 kB)




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